Welcome to Big Stone Celtic!

Friday 26th and Saturday 27th, September 2014

A celebration of the traditions of the Celtic Nations
~ music, song, stories, food, crafts and dance.



Big Stone Celtic 2014

Friday 26th and Saturday 27th, September 2014

For informationon the Tour de Cracker's Neck bike race contact Chris Akens at thecyclingchris@gmail.com.


The 2013 Festival was a grand success, in large measure due to the many volunteers, sponsors, vendors and venues who stepped up to the plate and made it fantastic.

Special thanks to ProArt and MECC for partnering with us for the first time. Their involvement made it possible to extend the festival back into Friday evening, with an excellent and well-attended pan-Celtic concert in the Goodloe Center.

Big Stone Celtic is modeled on small town festivals that take place throughout the European Celtic nations and takes place in a variety of venues clustered around the downtown. Focusing on the games, foods, dances, music and songs of the seven nations, the festival is unusual for this approach in the US.

European festivals often include races of various kinds (horse races in the old days) and Big Stone Celtic is no exception, with the first Saturday event being a 26 mile bike race - the 'Tour De Cracker's Neck'.

Big Stone Gap lies on HWY 23, 45 minutes North of Kingsport, Tennessee and 1 hour West of Abingdon, Virginia, between the Blue Ridge and Cumberland mountains.

We expect to have our 2014 program posted here in the spring. Check back for details then. And please consider how you can be a part of the festival--by attending, vending, donating, volunteering, or any other means that occurs to you. We welcome new faces and new ideas! 


Check out Photographs from a previous Festival HERE!

Paxton Allgyer
Jack Beck
Darinda Hood
Gary Johnson
Mily Lusk
Tony Palubicki
Randy Stanley
Wendy Welch